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Hospital is for patients who are very sick. They need to take proper rest to rectify from their health issues. But what if they got disturbed by mosquitoes when they are sleeping? It will make them restless. How to avoid this situation? Read the article below…

Why to use Mosquito net for Bed

In hospitals we cannot use liquid vaporizer, mosquito mat or mosquito coils as these are made up of harmful chemicals. This will again make the patients sicker with breathing problems.

Moreover closing the doors and windows in night time will not provide good ventilation to the patients. Also covering the openings with net will not allow air flow through it. All these will leads to suffocation in hospitals.

For this reason we need special mosquito net in hospital beds. Mosquito net for hospital bed is very easy to use, safe and comfortably designed. It’s very light weight to use as the patients can easily lift it up and close them with the bed when they are sleeping.

Normal mosquito nets will cover the bed but it’s very difficult to use. We have to remove it and fix it daily in its place. But Mosquito net for bed is always fixed in bed so we need not to remove and fix it daily. It’s a greater advantage when it comes to hospital usage. It can be easily removed when we are changing the bed spread and can be fixed again to the bed with a simple knot in the rim of the mosquito net.

How useful for patients:

If there is a power cut in the hospital and when there is no fan in place, patients can cover them with these mosquito net and sleep well. The interior of the mosquito net for bed is designed with light weight material so there will be a good airflow.

Our mosquito net for bed is available in two mild colors of off white and baby pink which will be very pleasing to the patients.


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