About Comfort Mosquito Nets

  • Push and pull mosquito net with amazing features
  • Easy to use, foldable into small size
  • Provides complete comfort and safety against mosquito menace
  • Free of harmful chemicalsthat are present in coil or mat
  • High quality mosquito net ,available in variety of sizes
  • Available at price that fits into everyone’s pocket
  • Non tying, can be used easily on a floor or cot
  • Unique device that provides sound and relaxed sleep
  • Can be easily used by children and elders without much efforts
  • Use conveniently at homes ,hospitals, hotels, outdoorsandtravel

Why Comfort Mosquito Nets For Bed

  • 2 years Warranty
  • 10 years Durability
  • Made in India so Easy to repair.
  • Easy to use push and pull mosquito net
  • Available in variety of size, pink and cream colors
  • Safe and simple way to protect against mosquitoes
  • Made up of original poly cotton fabric, no need of fixtures
  • Use conveniently at homes, hotels, hospitals, travel or picnic
  • No need of power backup like mats
  • Student can sit inside and study

Single Bed Mosquito Net

2.5x6 Feet (30x72 inch)
3x6 Feet (36x72 inch)
3x6.25 Feet ( 36x75 inch)
3x6.5 Feet ( 36 x 78 inch)


Double Bed Mosquito Net

4x6 Feet ( 48 x 72 inch)
5x6 Feet ( 60 x 72 inch)
5 x 6.25 Feet ( 60 x 75 Inch)
5 x 6.5 Feet ( 60 x 78 Inch)


Deluxe Bed Mosquito Net

6 x 6 Feet ( 72 x 72 inch)
6 x 6.25 Feet ( 72 x 75 inch)
6 x 6.5 Feet ( 72 x 78 inch )
6 x 7 Feet ( 72 x 84 inch )



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Save your Baby through Mosquito net Chennai

The mosquito net  provides complete protection from malaria, dengue along with complete freedom from skin cancer, sinusitis, asthma etc. With simple design and push and pull feature, it is the best device to protect everyone from mosquito menace. It is completely safe...

Mosquito Net for Villages

When we say the word Village we remember farming and farmers. Our farmers, who work very hard the entire day, need to take proper rest in the night time. When there is a lot of farming land there are spaces for lot for mosquitoes too. Mosquitoes which are very...

Mosquito Net for Students:

Did your son or daughter preparing for public exams? Mosquitoes disturbing them? Then buy Mosquito net for Bed. Why Mosquito Net for Bed: Mosquito net for bed is very useful for students who are studying. When children’s want to study in the evening time, mosquito may...

Mosquito net for Picnic/Tour

Mosquito net for bed is a boon to people who travels a lot. Travellers, trekkers etc. will need mosquito net for bed for sure. Mosquito net for bed is made up of very light weight material so it can be easily carried away. Why Mosquito net for bed: When we go on a...

Mosquito Net for Hospital

Hospital is for patients who are very sick. They need to take proper rest to rectify from their health issues. But what if they got disturbed by mosquitoes when they are sleeping? It will make them restless. How to avoid this situation? Read the article below… Why to...