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  • What materialcomfort net is made up of?

It is made up of most superior quality, 100% purepolycotton fabric. Its frame is made up of PVC coated steel wire.

  • Is mosquito net safe for children and elders?

Yes, it is safe for children and elders as it is free from harmful chemicals just like in mats or coils. Inside mosquito net there is natural circulation of air and full ventilation. It is safest and convenient solution to get rid of mosquito menace.

  • Is comfort net available in different sizes and colors?

Yes, it is available in all sizes and comfort net can be used by children, adults and elders without much effort.Mosquito net is available in two colors-pink and cream.

  • Can I order comfort net by phone?

You just have to call at our contact numbers Whatsapp:9742941282, M:9663417422  and mosquito net will be delivered at your home.

  • How to make payment?

Payment can be made online via online /NEFT transfer OR Cash on delievery.online payment gateway.

  • How long it will take my order to arrive?

It takes around 2-3 days for orders to get delivered in South India and 4-8 days for the delivery in other parts of country.

  • What is the mode of delivery?

The comfort net will be delivered via courier service.

  • Will the product be replaced if it is damaged?

The product is checked and packaged properly before dispatch and so there is minimum possibility of product being damaged. In case any damage found, the product will be immediately replaced.

  • Can I get a refund if I cancel my order?

Yes, full amount is refunded once the product is received in good condition. The total amount after the deduction of courier charges will be refunded to customer.

  • How can I find which size mosquito net is suitable for me?

Mosquito net can be easily placed on the bed or on floor. You can measure the length and breadth of the mattress and buy the most suitable size depending upon your requirements.

  • Can I send comfort net as a gift to someone?

Yes you can.When you call us you can tell us the preferred shipping address and inform us that you want it to send as a gift.

  • Can I use mosquito net during travelling?

The mosquito net is easy to use and you can easily store it in a carry bag. You can take it along with you while travelling, outdoors, trekking or expedition.



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