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Babies in Home:

Do you have a new born in home? So sweet and congratulations…! We know that you are so eager to provide your new born baby with all sort of sophistications and comfort. But are you sure that you provided all the comfort to the baby? Well. We think the answer is “No” if you don’t have Mosquito Net for bed bought for your baby.

Why Babies Need Mosquito net for bed?

Babies need to sleep a minimum of 18 hours a day so they will grow well mentally and physically. So we need to make them sleep well with more comfort. What if there are even one or two mosquitoes in home. It can bite the baby at any time and will disturb their sleep. Mosquito bite can make the baby skin develop redness and itching. Sometimes this may even lead to malaria or dengue like diseases. We cannot always sit by the baby side to catch up the mosquitos.

Harmful Chemicals

To avoid all these we may decide to use a liquid vaporizer. But liquid vaporizer, mosquito coils and mosquito mats are very dangerous for their health. The tiny tots may get breathing problems as the air becomes strongly flavored with the chemicals used in these mosquito killers. Hence it’s not safe. Few may think of using mosquito net for babies which is very dangerous to use. These cannot be fixed in place, so when the baby moves a little the net may hurt them. Also if the baby out grown the net, it’s of no use. Also closing the windows with net may stop the ventilation of fresh air to the babies.

Mosquito net for Bed

To overcome all these difficulties, you need to buy mosquito net for bed for your baby. Mosquito net for bed can be easily fixed to the bed of any size. So you can cover the bed completely and let your baby sleep inside safe from mosquito.

Our Mosquito net for bed is available in Chennai in two different colors of baby pink and off white, which are pleasing colors for the baby.

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