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Comfort Net Foldable Mosquito Net4Happy365 Foldable Mosquito Net

Comfort net Mosquito Net


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Product Description

omfort Net, Mosquito Net Chennai, Mosquito Net for Bed 100% High Quality and Durability
Comfort Net Mosquito Net Chennai is Portable, safe, washable, compact, durable, environment friendly and easy-to-use solution to your mosquito problems. What more is needed? Go ahead, get rid of those annoying mosquitoes and have a good night’s sleep! Use Comfort Net Mosquito Net

The Comfort mosquito net comes with the following features:

Easy to use, push and pull mechanism.
Mosquito Net Chennai Need not be tied up all the time. It can be unfolded whenever required.
Can be used both on the cot and the floor.
Can be folded and unfolded within seconds unlike conventional mosquito nets.
Comfort Net Occupies less space when unfolded.
The design includes a 9 inch cloth at the bottom to avoid insects or mosquitoes entering under the frame.
Comfort Net Made of poly cotton mesh fabric which ensures good aeration when unfolded.
Comfort Net Can be easily washed unlike other mosquito nets.
Stable and secure structure provided by top quality steel rods. They are enclosed by PVC sleeves, which provide smoothness and also prevents the formation of rust.

Additional Information


Deluxe Bed, Double Size, Single Size


Cream, Pink


2.5×6 Feet (30×72 inch), 3×6 Feet (36×72 inch), 3×6.25 Feet ( 36×75 inch), 3×6.5 Feet ( 36 x 78 inch), 4×6 Feet ( 48 x 72 inch), 5 x 6.25 Feet ( 60 x 75 Inch), 5 x 6.5 Feet ( 60 x 78 Inch), 5×6 Feet ( 60 x 72 inch), 6 x 6 Feet ( 72 x 72 inch), 6 x 6.25 Feet ( 72 x 75 inch), 6 x 6.5 Feet ( 72 x 78 inch ), 6 x 7 Feet ( 72 x 84 inch )


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