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Our Grandpa’s and Grandma’s are the one who need to take full time rest. Because they have worked a lot for us in their past. It’s our duty to make them rest well so that they will stay healthy and strong. But how to gift them a good sleep? Buy Mosquito net for bed.

Mosquito Net for Bed:

Mosquito net for bed is very useful for elders. When they want to sleep in night there are lot of chances that they get disturbed by mosquitoes. To avoid these we can buy mosquito net for bed and make them use it.

Why not Mosquito repellants?

People may ask that instead of mosquito net for bed they can use mosquito repellants like liquid vaporizer, mosquito coils and mosquito mats. But these are completely made up of harmful chemicals which are not good for their health. As they are old their respiratory track may easily get infected with the chemicals used in the mosquito repellants. Hence it’s not advisable to use this.

Old types of mosquito net are designed in a way that it can shut the air flow. If we close our windows with mosquito net it will block the air circulation inside the room.

Why Mosquito Net for Bed

Mosquito net for bed is comfortable to use. As the elders cannot carry heavy weight, this mosquito net is designed to be light weight so they can carry it easily. Mosquito net for bed can be fixed in the bed once and we can leave it as such. People can go inside and pull it in to close themselves with the mosquito net for bed.

Mosquito net for Old age homes.

Mosquito net for bed can be used in old age homes. The old age homes can offer the elders a mosquito net for bed each so they will rest well. They can also carry it away if they want.

Mosquito net for bed is available in two different colors of off white and baby pink.

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