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The mosquito net  provides complete protection from malaria, dengue along with complete freedom from skin cancer, sinusitis, asthma etc. With simple design and push and pull feature, it is the best device to protect everyone from mosquito menace. It is completely safe for babies, children and elders. You can protect your little one from mosquitoes, flies and insects by using comfort net .Made up of polycotton material, it is complete safe for children and babies.

Completely safe for babies and children

Mosquito net Chennai does not use harmful chemicals like in mats or coils and is non-toxic and completely safe .It works during the time of power failure too and your baby can have comfortable and cozy sleep during day or night time .Comfort net has complete ventilation and has natural flow of fresh air and babies can easily sleep inside it and can take in fresh air all the time.

Most effective way to get rid of mosquitoes

Your baby will sleep comfortably in the mosquito net without any disturbance from mosquitoes, flies or other insects .It will keep your baby in the highest state of health .Baby can have relaxed sleep anytime, anywhere.

Protect your baby from mosquitoes

 Mosquito net Chennai is available in variety of sizes and two colors pink and off white. Made up of 100 % polycotton fabric, it is washable and can be folded and carried in a small bag. You can carry it anywhere and protect your baby from mosquito at all the places you go. The shape of mosquito net is such that it has lot of space for baby movements and child will feel highly comfortable and enjoys sound sleep in it .The mosquito net Chennai brings health and happiness to your child.

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