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What is our Special Mosquito net for Bed?

Tap… tap..uff.. Mosquitoes everywhere. How to avoid these mosquitoes? Mosquito repellants? – No, harmful to health. Cover windows with net? – No, will block the air circulation. Then what else can be done? Buy Mosquito net for bed. Without any harm or discomfort, mosquitoes can be easily kept away from us.

How it is different from normal mosquito net?                

Normal mosquito net which we used to hang on our bed side needs to be fixed and removed every day. It’s also very difficult to wash them. Or the mosquito nets which we used to cover the windows will stop the circulation of air inside the room. But the Mosquito nets for bed will be very comfortable to use. We can fix it any time we want and can even leave it without unfixing it. It’s also easier to wash the mosquito net for bed. Just untie the knots inside the net and we can get the net alone separately from the rim attached.

How to use it?

Mosquito net for bed can be fixed along the perimeter of the bed. Once if it’s kept in place, it needs not to be removed. When we want to change the bed spread that time we can remove it and change the spread. Once fixed along with the bed, we can go inside the mosquito net and pull it inside, so it will cover the entire bed. When we want to come out of the net, just push it back to its position.

Why mosquito net for bed?

Our mosquito net for bed is very light weight and easy to use. We can carry it anywhere out of our house and can be used instantly. And also it’s available in different sizes to match the requirements of our clients.

What it is made up of?

Mosquito net for bed is made up of poly cotton. The rim is made of steel and sleeved with PVC.

How many colors available?

Mosquito net for bed is available in two pleasant colors. Baby pink and off white.

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